The acronym APLGI stands for Asosiasi Pemilik Lapangan Golf Indonesia or, in English, Indonesian Golf Course Owners Association

The APLGI brings together sixty (60) owners and operators of golf courses from 16 provinces with the aim of furthering and enhancing the overall efficiency and quality of management, service, and general maintenance at each APLGI member facility, benefitting members, and visitors alike.

By sharing and exchanging of information, and by creating training- and skill-enhancing educational programs and seminars, since its inception, on July 19, 1995, the 14 founding members have managed to bring together a highly effective group of golf industry professionals who have turned the APLGI into Indonesia's leading golf association.

In doing so, the APLGI safeguards not only the overall interest of owners and investors, but, last, and certainly not least, also the interest of its members, and those who are patrons of the APLGI membership golf courses.

NOTE; The APLGI is the founding partner of the Indonesia Golf Association, the Indonesia Golf Superintendents Association, and the Indonesia Club Managers Association.