Covid-19 - here



Covid-19 has done the entire world a lot of damage. Because of “lockdown”, businesses had to re-adjust their plans and ideas for the immediate future, and daily activities were never going be the same again. Staying at home as a result from lockdown, meant that the usual way of communicating among colleagues and co-workers took up a completely new meaning. 

In comparison to neighboring countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, where golf courses were forced to shut down completely, Indonesia’s golf courses basically had the luxury of staying open. And only by introducing new rules and regulations related to, for instance, the use of one golf cart per golfer, and the maximum number of golfers in one flight, Indonesia’s golf courses had the chance to stay open, and try and make the best of Covid-19.

No one is really sure as to how long we still have to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. What we know for sure though, is, that the future – and in our case golfing and running our golf courses for that matter - will never be same again.

The immediate future demands from all of us a lot of creativity and pro-activeness in how we run our businesses. Instead of aiming for clientele from the local market, Indonesia’s golf industry may have to think about ways of attracting more foreign golfers, and surely during weekdays, when, apart from the most popular golf courses, a majority of golf courses often are empty.

The APLGI has the luxury of being a strong association with a membership of around 60 golf courses. In these somewhat difficult times, APLGI’s management and staff encourages all member golf courses to participate in efforts to make the APLGI become an even stronger force in the world of golf & leisure in Indonesia, and beyond.

Here’s to a new future in golf, and the NEW NORMAL in an industry that we all love to be part of. 

APLGI Management and staff.